About the Student/Entrepreneur Abstract Topic (SEAT)

The purpose of the program is to:

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  • Show case regional and international talent and student development within the framework of the Forum, including: research, technology, training and social responsibilities, i.e. educational programs and empowerment
  • Bring together academia/ students/ entrepreneurs/ business leaders with experts in their fields of study
  • Allow regional/global companies to identify future talent
  • Enable the Forums to give back value to the region for its support

Why Get Involved With (SEAT)

Student/Entrepreneur Abstract Topic program (SEAT) offers outstanding student/entrepreneurial benefits including the chance to:

  • Engage with practicing professionals active in the industry
  • Develop new and exciting career prospects
  • Participate in a world-class program
  • Discuss and showcase work with event delegates at the Student /Entrepreneur Abstract Topic exhibit area
  • Qualify as a panel finalist in the Student/Entrepreneur Abstract Topic Awards Ceremony and win recognition and a panel participation SEAT to present your topic
  • Be recognized as a student /entrepreneur leader along with your University/Corporate Sponsor in the Opening Ceremony of the Saudi International Healthcare Forum