Our proposal for the Saudi International Healthcare Forum takes full account of the need to integrate efforts, as the principle need for supporting global cooperation.

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Saudi International Healthcare Forum will present a wealth of opportunities for government officials, NGO’s, healthcare systems, physicians, researchers, educators, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and students both in the KSA & USA, with the goal of working together and making a difference in providing healthier lives.

Saudi International Healthcare Forum’s agenda will be comprehensive, covering the whole healthcare chain from research to innovation – or from lab to market. And will also define the objectives and the main elements of a short-to-long-term agenda for continued cooperation in research and innovation, education and training with key partners. The agenda and objectives will be designed to mobilize and unify all the relevant stakeholders and participants, such as: healthcare systems, universities, research centers, and private/public organizations etc… that promote innovation, education and training in the healthcare field.

In short, the development of the Saudi International Healthcare Forum will promote a better integration between programs for regional and universal healthcare development, including healthcare education, research and innovation, as well as better coordination between the policies and best practices that govern patient safety and population health between the KSA and USA, and its global partners. In this way, the Saudi International Healthcare Forum can increase the scope, scale and effectiveness of our international cooperation to mitigate the healthcare challenges that past, present and unknown diseases present to threaten our rights to a healthy and safe lifestyle.

That said, we look forward to a potential sponsorship in the Saudi International Healthcare Forum based on the principles of mutual interest and shared benefit.